Wall Transformer

The  video shows a section of the kitchen transporting into the dining room/living room.  So the dweller can prepare and set up a meal in the kitchen and then rotate it into the dining room for easy, elegant serving.  There is even a gas burner on the transformer that is now in the dining area for last minute cooking or warming of food.

When the meal is over, the vestiges of dinner are rotated back into the kitchen for easy clean up.  Elegant, less effort, high quality of life.


When the kitchen segment leaves the kitchen, as seen in the video, a large home theater comes into the kitchen so –

 Dinner and a movie.

 Football game and make a sandwich.

The cooking channel right in the kitchen with a full size image of the chef now in your kitchen.

Typically a large theater in a kitchen would be impractical due to it tying up a lot of wall space.  However, when the theater “comes and goes” the space is not tied up.  (Note: This theater actually faces three directions in this home which is presently being built in the desert.  So one big impressive theater projecting to three different key arenas.  Great way to not tie up wall space and leverage expensive technology.  Very green – and luxury living in one.)