Kitchen Inside Outside


In this situation, part of the kitchen goes outside where it marries with the grill for outside cooking.  This opens the home to the view and outdoor spaces.  There are no problems with needing to clean an outdoor kitchen before use; just take the existing kitchen out as needed.  If it gets a little too cool or warm . . . back into the house.  The evening breezes; the moon rises . . . back outdoors again.  A true indoor-outdoor home.


In many interviews, we have found people we build outdoor kitchens, apparently 100% of the time are not using those kitchen one year later.  The primary reason stated is they have to clean it before they can use it and this so much of an impediment, they end up hardly ever using it!  Additionally, such kitchens are generally a distance from the home and this creates a huge hassle of carting everything out.  So these kitchens, often with a small refrigerator running, sit outdoors unused for years; a good idea, gone bad!  .


The IOK is extremely simple with no parts of any consequence to wear out.  Any maintenance is simple and quick.  It is “quite green” for somewhat upscale homes as, no second kitchen, no extra refrigerator, no tying up more real estate.