About Harmony

Architecture will never look the same.  Architecture without walls.

Harmony Sails is replete with "dynamic architecture" experiences. This home reconfigures to become many places,  many functionalities, many ambiences. The living room goes outdoors on command, the kitchen goes outdoors. A home theater moves to three location. Walls sweep out to capture a large outdoor space and create a sheltered microclimate.

Maybe the most indoor-outdoor home in the world.


KIO: Kitchen Inside Out

A day in the lifestyle of living with a KIO

It's a beautiful evening you're getting ready to grill or simply have drinks with friends.  At the push of a button a large section of your kitchen glides outdoors and marries to the outdoor island grill. You suddenly have a large outdoor kitchen that is contiguous with your existing indoor kitchen.  Your home is wide open to nature, fresh air, views.  The kitchen is now twice as large with room roam with family and friends.

RIO: Rooom Inside Out

A the push of a button, your living room glides outdoors.

No need to deal with uncomfortable, dirty outside furniture.  A the push of a button, take your whole living room with “creature comfort” furniture outdoors for 10 minutes, two hours, or more. A RIO optimizes views and enlarges the size of outdoor spaces particularly on smaller confined lots; i.e. ocean front, hillside properties.


Wall Transformer

Creates new spatial functions and experiences.

Prepare and set up a meal in the kitchen and then rotate it into the dining room for easy, elegant serving.

When the meal is over, the vestiges of dinner are rotated back into the kitchen for easy clean up.  Elegant, less effort, high quality of life.

The cooking channel right in the kitchen with a full size image of the chef now in your kitchen,  Then dinner and a movie?